In September 2018, the value under management of collective investment undertakings in transferable securities (UCITS) totaled 11,021.1 million euros, 868 thousand euros more than in August. In the alternative investment organizations (OIA), the monthly amount under management decreased by 1.8% to EUR 808.7 million.

TThe value of investments in shares of domestic issuers fell by 2.6% compared to the previous month, while those of foreign issuers increased by 1.8%. With regard to public debt, the value of investments fell 16.2% in the national, but grew 23.5% in foreign. The value of bonds increased by 1.2% in domestic issuers and fell by 0.6% in foreign issuers.

BCP remained the most heavily weighted portfolio, accounting for 11.2% of the total invested, with a monthly increase of 2.9%. This was followed by Jerónimo Martins, whose value in the bottom portfolios fell 2.6%, and the NOS, which increased 5.1%.

Regarding investment in European Union securities, the most representative in the investment fund portfolios were Siemens, LVMH, and Inditex. Outside the European Union stood out Apple Computer, Microsoft and Johnson Johnson.

Luxembourg continued to be the main investment destination of UCITS in September, absorbing 16.0% of total fund applications, followed by Germany (13.8%) and the United Kingdom (13.3%). Portugal absorbed 8.2% of the investment.

Management companies with the largest market shares were Caixagest (32.9%), BPI Gestão de Activos (24.5%) and IM Gestão de Activos (17.6%).

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