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Dinheiro Vivo - Soares da Costa "will have to compensate us for the rubbish he did"

Mário Ferreira says that the work of the Monumental Palace Hotel will continue and say enough of the delays and losses that already take two years.

The monumental novel that surrounds Mário Ferreira and Soares da Costa continues to give that speech. The construction company, in charge of the requalification of the Monumental Palace Hotel, was removed from the project earlier this month and, dissatisfied with the decision, accuses the owner of the hotel - Mystic Invest, Mário de Ferreira - of having 'stolen' the book of work. It says, therefore, that he will go to court to claim compensation of one million euros. Mário Ferreira speaks in desperation of a company in financial difficulties and guarantees that the courts will give him reason, because the delays of the construction company have resulted in damages, and in a work that does not end ". [Soares da Costa] will always have to go to court to compensate us for the bullshit he did, so the court will always have to go, "said businessman Mario Ferreira to Dinheiro Vivo.

Read more (in portuguese): Soares da Costa "will have to compensate us for the rubbish he did"

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