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Economia e Finanças - Housing loans: what is the portability of property valuation

The portability of the property valuation is the possibility of the potential banking client, interested in the constitution of a contract, namely mortgage credit, to present to a credit institution an evaluation of the property referenced since it was carried out by an appraiser registered real estate appraiser with the Securities Market Commission for less than six months, thus avoiding a new charge concerning a new assessment required by the new credit institution in its credit application process.

Compare credits to the housing can be cheaper through the property valuation Portability

By consulting some of the credit institutions operating in Portugal, it was possible to verify that real estate valuations will hardly have a charge lower than € 200 (€ 239.20 according to the Caixa Geral de Depósitos online simulator, for example). of comparing credit proposals among several banks is significantly increased by the multiplication of payments of valuations on the same property, made by expert appraisers with identical certification with the CMVM. In the case of most banks, this is the highest burden associated with the credit assessment process.

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