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IMOnews - Investment in the center of Lisbon on the rise

The historic center of Lisbon received in the first half of the year an investment volume of around 345 million euros, which corresponds to 898 real estate transacted in that period. According to the data obtained by Confidencial Imobiliário, based on the announcements of transactions carried out by the owners with the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa in the context of the legal preference law that this institution enjoys in its Urban Rehabilitation Area, this volume shows a growth of 17% compared to the previous half, when 296 million euros were transacted.

These transactions include the sale of either buildings or fractions, rehabilitated or rehabilitated, in the areas of housing, retail and services. In terms of the number of properties sold, it remained practically at the level of the previous half (889 transactions), reason why the increase of the volume of investment probably had result of the bet in properties of greater value. Thus, the average volume of investment was around 394 thousand euros in the first half of 2017, when in the previous half had been set at 338 thousand euros.

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