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DECO - Houses affected by fire can pay less IMI

Taxpayers who lost their homes in the fires of June and October have until the end of the year to ask the Finances for a new assessment of the property. If they do nothing, they risk paying IMI on a house in ruins.

Following the fires in Pedrógão Grande in June and several municipalities in the Central region in October, the government approved a package of fiscal relief measures for the most affected areas. But taxpayers who have lost their homes in the aftermath of the fires may pay IMI as if nothing had happened. Among the measures, the ongoing tax enforcement procedures, as well as others that may be established by the Tax and Customs Authority (TA) and Social Security regarding self-employed workers, are suspended for six months. The deadline for payment of the last installment of IMI was also postponed to December 15 - the normal deadline is the end of November.

Read more (in portuguese): Houses affected by fire can pay less IMI

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