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Banco dos Imóveis - How it will be 2018 For the Real Estate Market

Despite the political chaos, in 2017, Brazil finally left behind the deepest, longest and hardest economic depression in its history. GDP grew in the first three quarters of the year and already known indicators suggest that the pace of growth accelerated in the fourth quarter. Consumer and entrepreneur confidence in all sectors of the economy has been improving since December 2015. Since April, jobs have begun to return and 2.3 million previously unemployed people have returned to work. The new labor legislation should help sustain this trend.

With inflation falling to the lowest level in 20 years, the Selic rate fell to the lowest level in history. Recently, this has also begun to propel the durable goods sectors - always the last ones to recover after economic crises. In October, vehicle sales and production grew more than 40% from October 2016, and real estate sales in the country grew more than 20% in the year. Sales of corrugated cardboard - the best indicator of industry expectations for the future - grew 4% in the year and 8% in the last month. The trade expects the best Christmas in at least 3 years; maybe in 5 years.

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