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Expresso - "We should already be creating new satellite cities around Lisbon"

In the first joint interview with his son, Gilberto Jordan, who heads his group, André Jordan warns that Portugal must take advantage of the growth of external demand to set up businesses and expand Lisbon with new zones for real estate

The Jordan Group has consolidated business in the family. How is it to share parent-child management?

André Jordan (A.J.) I think we're both still learning. Above all, we are two people who work together, colleagues who share the management. Of course, sometimes there are adjustments of points of view that might not come so well if we were not father and son and given the intimacy we have with each other. But we end up being always in agreement on the common objectives and recognizing the best solution that one or the other prefers, in the vision that I have more experience and it represents the future. Every day is a new challenge, and our business is greatly influenced by everything that happens on a political, economic or social level. Today the group has this consolidated management in the family, and of course this has strengthened us.

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