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Público - Construction sector reduced to one-third in just ten years

Of the 25 largest companies that existed ten years ago, only seven survived. Of these, there are two that are in the process of recovery and one is Spanish. The fall in production in the sector reached 43% in 10 years

It was in 2007, there was still an association representing large public works contractors (ANEOP), and there were several pressure and opinion movements advocating the creation of a construction cluster, a long-term strategic plan that would allow the sustained growth of the sector, as one of the main supporters of the national economy. The Construction Sector Promoter Group, as it was called, tried to persuade the Government, then led by José Sócrates, on the eve of an international financial crisis whose size few would dare to guess, from the goodness of moving towards a long-term investment plan . They called for the development of an investment package of around 50 billion euros for the next ten years.

Read more (in portuguese): Construction sector reduced to one-third in just ten years

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