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Diário da República - Ordinance No. 366/2017 - Approves the regulation granting of the subsidies to be granted under the Program for Supporting Reconstruction of Permanent Housing


Ordinance No. 366/2017 of December 7

Approves the regulation granting the support to be granted under the Permanent Housing Reconstruction Support Program

See: Diário da República - Decreto-Lei n.º 142/2017 - Apoio à Reconstrução de Habitação Permanente

Decree-Law No. 142/2017, of November 14, approves the Support Program for the Reconstruction of Permanent Housing, referred to in paragraph 1 of Council of Ministers Resolution No. 167-B / 2017, of November 2, which aims to provide support to natural persons and to households whose permanent homes have been damaged or destroyed by large-scale fires that occurred on October 15, 2017.

In view of its purpose, the implementation of the Program is of the utmost urgency, and the Government intends to introduce simplified and flexible mechanisms so that construction, reconstruction or conservation works can take place quickly and rigorously, and support can be given families in order to restore their living conditions.

In this sequence, this ordinance approves the regulation for granting the support, as provided for in article 18 of Decree-Law no. 142/2017 of November 14, specifying the model for the instruction of requests for support , documents proving the conditions of access and the decision-making and award procedure, valuing the proximity of the municipalities to the affected populations through their participation in the investigation and management of the processes and the granting of support.

This decree also establishes follow-up and audit mechanisms to ensure the implementation of the Program with transparency, efficacy, efficiency and rigor. The Regional Coordination and Development Commissions and the municipalities will make available in their websites detailed information on the allocation of the grants, as well as the donations they receive.

Like this,

The Government, by the Secretaries of State of Local Authorities and Development and Cohesion, is mandated, pursuant to article 18 of Decree-Law no. 142/2017, of November 14, and under No. 4 of Order No. 9973-A / 2017, published in the Official Gazette, Series 2, No. 222, of November 17, 2017 and No. 8 of Order No. 2311 / 2016, published in the Diário da República, 2nd series, no. 32, of February 16, 2016, the following:

Read more (in portuguese): pdfPortaria n.º 366/2017 - Aprova o regulamento de atribuição dos apoios a conceder ao abrigo do Programa de Apoio à Reconstrução de Habitação Permanente

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