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    Banco dos Imóveis - Buildings in Brazil could not withstand earthquake

    The Richter Scale measures the magnitude of earthquakes in a ruler of intensity that goes up to 9 and indicates the destructive potency of these natural phenomena. The shock felt in Mexico during this week reached the 7.1 degree of the scale, which indicates the possibility of serious damage in buildings and that is what happened. Much of this destruction occurred because of constructions that did not incorporate security technologies and shock prevention.

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    Banco dos Imóveis - Buying real estate with bitcoins.

    A construction company announced that it would accept bitcoins as payment for its ventures. Including projects already ready and future.

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    Banco dos Imóveis - How it will be 2018 For the Real Estate Market

    Despite the political chaos, in 2017, Brazil finally left behind the deepest, longest and hardest economic depression in its history. GDP grew in the first three quarters of the year and already known indicators suggest that the pace of growth accelerated in the fourth quarter. Consumer and entrepreneur confidence in all sectors of the economy has been improving since December 2015. Since April, jobs have begun to return and 2.3 million previously unemployed people have returned to work. The new labor legislation should help sustain this trend.

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    Banco dos Imóveis - The impact of new technologies on the real estate market

    At the beginning of August, Inman Connect, one of the largest real estate sales, marketing and technology events in the world, took place in San Francisco, California. This year the event brought together over 4,5000 participants from various countries.

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    Banco dos Imóveis - To such a Metric of the 'Caixa Econômica'

    The CEF is using this term to clarify that now customers, besides being evaluated in SIRIC (credit risk assessment, which involves payment capacity, score, financial behavior) will also be taken into account the customer metric ie the relationship with CEF.

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    Jornal de Negócios - Brazilian construction company in difficulties to obtain financing to avoid "default"

    Odebrecht, a Brazilian construction company involved in the Lava Jato scandal, plans to borrow 3.5 billion reais, but banks are only willing to finance less than half this amount.